Night Serum


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Dramatically reduce the signs of aging with Hencha Beauty Skincare Night Serum. This powerful nighttime renewal serum will give you radiant, youthful-looking skin. It forces exfoliation of dark spots and noticeable acne, and instantly adds radiance with a glow. 


How to use:

Apply the Night Serum during your nighttime skincare routine. After washing your face, apply 2-3 drops and smooth in gently all over the face; avoiding the eye area. Follow up with Hencha's Night Cream. 


 Glycolic Acid Butylene Gluconate Ascorbic Acid Chitosan Propyl Gallate Nonoxynol-10 Lecithin Tocopherol Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate Amylopectin/Glycerin Crosspolymer Chitosan PCA Allantoin Polyquaternium-10 PPG-Castor Aqua/ Water Linhamantes Glycolic Sunflower Seed Oil.

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Here's Why You Need The Hencha Beauty Package...

Here's Why You Need The Hencha Beauty Package...

The Hencha Beauty skin care package is important for the following reasons:

(✓) It helps your skin stay in good condition: You're shedding skin cells throughout the day, so it's important to keep your skin glowing and in good condition.

(✓) This routine is effective and will help prevent and clear acne, treat wrinkles, and help keep your skin looking its best.

(✓) Anti-Ageing Properties

(✓) Improves skin hydration

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